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  • Amygdala : The emotional Player.
    The amygdala is a collection of nucleus near the base of brain embedded in the anterior part within the temporal lobe. The term amygdala comes from Latin word means a “almond,” […]
  • Thalidomide the darkest history of drug industry.
    Minor side effects are common for any drugs. But what if it causes more severe disaster around the world. Thalidomide tragedy are such example which occur between late 1950 to early […]
  • The Discovery of Mars
    Mars is the second-smallest planet in the Solar System, being larger than only Mercury. In English, Mars carries the name of the Roman god of war and is often referred to […]
  • The First Humanoid Of The World In Greek.
    In a modern world, where people are obsessed with Humanoid and AI technology, it might be surprise us to know that first humanoid robot was to be found in ancient Greece […]
  • The Insight of Crispr Cas9
    More then 1000 year scientists spend to find tools to learn fully about genetics, gene function, changes in DNA at certain conditions, effects of drugs. Prior to Crispr Cas-9, geneticists used […]
  • White Blood Fish of Antarctic Ocean can survive Oxygen deficiency.
    Fish is consider as one of the most beautiful creature of aquatic environment.From luminescent fish to electric fish,a large different family of fish can be found on earth.Fish are beauty of […]

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